Gypsy Caravans - budget tiny houses

The Gypsy Caravan makes a lovely and special garden building. Built of 19 mm tongue and groove timber and measuring in total 2.41 m x 5.01 m. The Gypsy Caravan is supplied untreated and comes as a kit.



Technical specifications:

Prices (incl. VAT; excl. delivery and assembling):

5815 EUR 5m caravan with veranda
5940 EUR 5m caravan with double side door
6995 EUR 6m caravan with single side door
7130 EUR 6m caravan with veranda
7995 EUR 6m caravan with double side door

Please note: The prices indicated below are no longer correct due to the currently heavily fluctuating material costs. Please inquire for prices by emailing us at info[at]
Thank you for your understanding.

*Only for static use and props must be used at all times.

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