Tiny Houses - your mobile living space

Our tiny houses are produced by a team of local craftsmen and with the use of the best materials in order to offer you a sustainable product at a fair price.


Among a great variety of uses for a tiny house are:


The length and height of the tiny house vary according to the individual design but lie between 4m and 7.20m length and approx. 3m to 4m height. The width is approx. 2.50m. The maximum total weight for road transport is 3500kg (above that, the tiny house has to be transported on a truck.)


Our tiny houses come with Portuguese matriculation and can be transported on public roads, towed by a vehicle which can tow up to 3500 kg.

Tiny houses can be put on all types of land with no need for a license or permission as long as it is temporary.

The weight of the tiny house depends on size and equipement but has to stay below 3500kg. The choice of materials and equipment has to take this limitation into account.

Tiny houses are personalised and customised buildings and vary greatly depending on individual requirements*. Size, shape, materials used, finish etc., all have to be discussed before we are able to give you an estimate. We put your dream on wheels!

*Some legal restrictions apply


Please note: A tiny house is not a legal habitation, the size and surface are too small to be accepted as a legal habitation.
There is no need for planning permission, an architect or engineer or for energy certifications.
The local camara/ muncipality (Portugal) decides if the tiny house can be put (temporarily) on the property.
The tiny house is more accepted as a 'garden shed' or small wood building. They are mobile and road legal and have a foot print of under 20 square meters. In Europe, one cannot live in a tiny house as a permanent dwelling.

Prices : On request (view some examples)

Lead time : 12 weeks

Payment : 4 installments

Please see our FAQ page for more information or feel free to contact us. Our workshop is open to the public by appointment.



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